Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Competition Teams

Boot Camp

Dancers who make the Production, Hip Hop, Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum Teams will be required to come to the mandatory Competition Choreography Boot Camp.  Dancers will need to bring their camera phones or a recording device to record their dances. 
The days have different schedules due to Teachers schedules. 

**dancers who qualified for solos. Dancers will be notified soon with more information. 

Monday, August, 21st

4:30-5:30pm      Bronze Team

5:30-7:30pm      Silver

5:30-7:30pm      Gold Team

 Tuesday, August 22nd

8:30-10:00am   Platinum Team

 5:00-7:00pm      Production Team

7:00-8:00pm      Hip Hop Team

 Wednesday, August 23rd

8:30-10:00am   Platinum Team

Bronze Team

Sophia Kent

Madison VanMerveren

Bailey Paul

Kenadie Points

Andrea Brenno**

Miranda Gross

Lulu Leritz

Maiah McKenzie

Kaitlyn Schmidt

Grace Stoehr



Kylee Slettom

Nicole Durheim

Natavia Griffin**

Emma Olson

Ava Wilmer

Autumn Ruggles**

Morgan Kotval **


Mckenna Kieffer

Kailey Points

Faith Stoehr

Wytner Ruggles**

Sophia Shuga

Holly Odland

Haley Overgaard

Jada Johnson



Kaitlyn Peterson

Ava Alden

Amber Peterson

Abby Gangl

Ashli Salokar

Lexi VanOrnum

Emilia Smith

Morgan Keiffer

Sarah LeRoy

Sylvia Fuge


Bailey    Paul

Katie  Schmidt

Kenadie  Points

Katie   Schmidt

Karli   Mayer

Kylee   Slettom

Grace   Stoehr

Kianna  Senne

Andi   Brenno

Nicole  Durheim

Ava   Wilmer

Morgan  Keifer

McKenna  Keifer

Emma   Olson

Abby   Gange

Millie    Smith

Ashli     Salokar

Haley   Overgaard

Lexi  VanOrnum

Sarah  LeRoy



KaiAnna Senne

Nicole   Durheim

McKenna Keifer

Maiah   Mckenzie

Morgan Keifer

Amber Peterson

Ava        Alden

Kaylee  Points

Kaitlyn  Peterson

Holly      Oddland

Sarah     LeRoy

Lexi        VanOrnum

Millie     Smith

Ashli      Salokar